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ROCK THE GAVEL consistently helps its clients to generate significant increases in event revenues.  This is not accidental success; it is realized through carefully crafted planning, which provides the client with specific procurement targets and revenue generating strategies.  This cannot be accomplished by an Auctioneer that simply shows up on the day of the event.  Not only will ROCK THE GAVEL increase your revenues, but the increase will more than compensate for their costs, making hiring ROCK THE GAVEL an investment, not a cost.


ROCK THE GAVEL's Auctioneer, Jeff Tanenbaum, has proclaimed "Sold" over 250,000 times in his career.  Jeff applies this experience, combined with an entertaining and energetic style, to stimulate active bidding and top dollar.  How good is he?  Hear was his clients have to say by reading Testimonials.

Jeff's auctioneering style not only generates revenue, but also puts smiles on faces and laughter in the hearts of the attendees, whether or not they are active bidders.  This is crucial when you consider that only 10%-20% of your audience will likely participate as bidders in the live auction.  An audience that leaves your event happy and entertained, without feeling like they've been hit over the head for money, is an audience that will produce long time supporters and future revenues.


Planning any event can be a stressful experience.  ROCK THE GAVEL reduces this stress by (1) working with clients to clarity goals and create an effective plan, (2) providing strategies, insights and direction that consistently produce smooth running, enjoyable and profitable benefit auctions, and (3) serving as a sounding board as challenges and opportunities present themselves.


Many clients are surprised to discover all that is possible when you incorporate the expertise of a seasoned professional.  Let ROCK THE GAVEL help you discover all that your event can be!


An Auctioneer for over 25 years, Jeff has dropped the gavel an estimated 250,000 times in his career, selling over $500 Million of property at auction.

Jeff is a leader and innovator in both the charity and commercial auction industries, providing consulting and advisory services to clients ranging from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to Apple Computer. Jeff applies his marketing and operations savvy and his keen sense for what motivates people to bid to help local and national organizations to raise millions of dollars for their causes.

Whether selling dates with firemen or a million dollar piece of real estate, Jeff enjoys both the behind the scenes development of his projects and the face-to-face interaction with a room full of inspired bidders.

Jeff is President of the Auction Division of Tiger Group - a national valuation, disposition and advisory firm. He is also an active member of the National Auctioneers Association, former Vice President of the Southern California Auctioneers Association and a former judge of the International Bid Calling Championship.


Jeff serves on the Board of Governors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes and acts as an advisor to several community organizations.

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